The Online Dating Fraud

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Have you ever met a friend who you met online? Or do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who you first met online? Do you have A to Z information about him or her? Where does he/she live? Or the major question- Are you sure that you can trust her?

So many questions need to be answered when you date someone online and more often than not, they end up as a fraud case. A person from Russia registered a website on the name of her girlfriend and put up an attractive picture of any random U.S girl on the website, in an attempt to trap people. A resident from U.S only approached and was trapped when money was taken from him from the guy, pretending a girl, so as to prepare a visa and leave for U.S. Later on when the whole scam was caught, it was found out that the U.S had lost round about $2000 USD. And this is not a unique case. So many cases take place almost every day where people fall in the online dating traps and end up losing a considerable sum of money. Another similar incident was reported by the victim’s friend in U.S where the victim had had repossessed his house and was kicked out of his bed-sit for not paying the rent and on numerous occasions stole money from work just to send money to his online girlfriend.

The problem that lies is that such scammers are very hard to track down as the whole procedure takes place online and the information that they give about them is usually fake. However, such scams may well be stopped if one determines the causes lying behind the same. The root cause comes mostly from the e-mails where a girl or a guy sends the victim a mail so as to start an online relationship. Another cause is held by the social networking websites like Orkut and Facebook, where one has a better way of interacting with the victim using the message and the chat options. Also, IM services like Yahoo, msn, Gmail or the online chat rooms are also used to trap the victim. The common lines, that the trapper uses in most cases, are “I have to get a visa to come to your country” or “my economic condition is very poor” and many more.

If we look at the figures stated by the Online Consumers League, an online dater who gets trapped in an online dating fraudulent case, on an average, loses about $3000 USD. They also use a name for such online dating scams, which is “sweetheart swindle”. What such scams does is they bring down the applicants for the genuine online dating websites as well because people tend to lose their trust in such services when they hear about scams in this field. The only advice that comes across is that if you are an online dating person, always keep yourself aware about the person you are dating and try to keep your date or find a person limited to local areas as most dating scams happen when people are from different countries. Also, share your experiences about online dating with other people online, whether good or bad, so that they remain educated about such services on the web. Remember, it is better not to date than to date someone who becomes a nightmare for you through out your life. More than dating, your self respect and dignity matters.

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